The Wyatt Hughes Sales System

Choosing the right agent for you and your home is a critical decision and should not be rushed. The journey you are about to go on can and should be a joyful experience, so you should choose the agent you believe you can forge a long lasting and trusting relationship with.

It is also important to watch out for agents who lower their commission quickly, as they may do the same when negotiating your property’s sale price.

Wyatt Hughes is one of the longest established Agents in the local area.

During this time we have developed a sales system that has proven to be highly effective. It requires focus on several elements that we believe are vital to the success of sale.

The elements of greatest importance are:

  1. Ascertaining the price range that the strongest buyers will see the property within.
  2. Identifying any items that may cause concern to buyers and dealing with them at the outset.
  3. Establishing an inspection timetable that works best for you and the property to maximise buyer viewings.
  4. Choosing a marketing campaign that reaches all possible local and active buyers, as well as pinpointing potential passive and out-of-area buyers.
  5. Maximising price with competitive tension.

All our staff are trained in the Wyatt Hughes Sales System the moment they join us, so it is at the very heart of everything we do.

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