Choosing the right letting agent for you and your investment is a critical decision and should not be rushed. The journey you are about to go on can and should be a joyful experience, so you should choose the agent you believe you can forge a long lasting and trusting relationship with in order to help maintain and maximise your investment for the future.

  1. Accurate valuation

    It is important to price your property correctly to ensure that you obtain the right amount of interest and secure the most suitable applicant possible for your property. Our team has carried out 100s of valuations within the local market and will ensure that you achieve the best possible return for your property.

  2. Choose your level of service

    Choosing the right level of service is entirely based on how much responsibility and time you want to give as a landlord. We provide a flexible range of service options to accommodate every type of landlord. However, we highly recommend that unless you take it upon yourselves to keep up to date with all the latest legislation imposed on the lettings market, you choose the full management option in order to ensure that you are always kept compliant with any changes that may take place.

  3. Presentation

    First impressions count and you want to ensure that you attract the right type of tenant. By presenting your property as clean, tidy and well maintained, you will attract quality tenants who will be encouraged to look after your property at the same level of standards.

  4. Complete paperwork & compliance

    It is now time to ensure that you are adhering to your responsibilities as a landlord. It is essential that your mortgage lender and insurance company are aware that the property is going to be let.

  5. Marketing your property

    In order to give your property maximum exposure, it is crucial to advertise across a wide range of media. With our catchy online presence and innovative marketing, we will ensure to showcase your property to a national audience.

  6. Select your tenants

    We will help you choose the most suitable applicants and ensure once selected that they will be thoroughly referenced and credit checked to ensure suitability.

  7. Move your tenants in

    Once your tenants have been thoroughly referenced and approved for the tenancy it is time to complete the paperwork. Before moving in, the tenancy agreement must be drafted and signed by both parties and the inventory/schedule of condition should be completed. Once this is done, your tenants are now ready to move in!

  8. Manage the tenancy

    Your responsibilities will vary depending on the level of service you have chosen. We always recommend fully-managed, to ensure a stress free service and ensuring you are always legally compliant with the latest legislation.

  9. Tenants move out

    At the end of the tenancy, the tenants will vacate and provide the keys to the landlord or agent to give up possession of the property. The rent should be paid up to date of vacation and the condition should now be assessed allowing for fair wear and tear. Assuming all is well, the tenants' deposit should now be returned.