Do you remember when you rode a bike without support for the first time?
Or when you learned to swim?
And who can forget the moment when the driving examiner turns and says ‘congratulations, you’ve passed.’
You also never forget your first love or the first home you buy.
That’s why at Wyatt Hughes we do all we can to make it an experience you remember fondly. 
Because after all, your home is where some of your most magical memories are made.
But it can be a daunting first step entering the World of estate agent speak. 
Fear not friends, as we’ve come up with a jargon buster to take the mystique out of buying your first place.
Vendor – The person selling a place.
The ‘applicant’ – This is you, the person buying the place.
Sole agent – This simply means the only agency selling the place.
Chain free – In theory (and in practice) any property that is sold without being involved in a chain should be an easier place to buy. This is due to fewer people, mortgage providers, agents, solicitors, and surveyors being involved.
Mortgage Offer – The confirmation you get from your mortgage provider saying you have the funds approved to buy the property. Having this in place puts you in an excellent position when making an offer.
Subject to Contract – You’ve made an offer, it’s been accepted, but there are still a few contractual hurdles to leap over first.
Conveyancing – The legal stuff that needs doing when you are buying a place. 
Stamp Duty – A Government tax slapped on when you buy a home; although there is relief offered to first-time buyers. Get in touch with us, and we can work out what you could be eligible for. 
Exchange – The solicitors are happy. The agents are relieved, but most importantly, you’re delighted and the transfer of contracts means it’s now VERY unlikely the home will not become yours. This is the cue for a sigh of relief and perhaps a cheeky little celebratory drink.
Completion – This is D-Day when it comes to buying your first home. It simply means all the legalities and finances have been completed successfully. You will know your ‘completion day’ in advance as you’ll need to pack, arrange removals, and get super excited. 
The first evening in your new home should be memorable. We’ll provide the champagne so you can take a break from unpacking and celebrate in style.
We have 40 years of giving people in Hastings and St Leonards straight-talking property advice.
And we have a dedicated advice service for first-time buyers where you can book in a 20-minute chat to go over any questions you have or jargon you need decoding.
Thanks for reading.

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